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The Mirador Roc del Quer viewpoint is one of those places that one never forgets. Not only does it afford views that are etched into one's memory forever, it also offers the unique experience of being suspended in mid-air surrounded by the magnificence of the Pyrenees. It's not surprising that, even though it wasn't inaugurated long ago, it has already become one of Canillo's most renowned attractions. It's open to all and an unbeatable spot to take in the grandeur of our small country. Don’t miss out!

Getting to the vantage point

Although it's not next to the road, the vantage point is easy to get to. Once on the Coll d'Ordino road (CS-240), the vantage point is at kilometre 6.5. Just before you reach it, you'll find a large car park on your left. The vantage point is just a short walk from here.

At the access point is the imposing "Self-generating Structures", a group of sculptures created in 1991 by the Mexican sculptor and architect Jorge Dubon. The three totem poles are a clear example of the artist's life work, seen as a “symbol of man's will to confront the immensity of the mountains.”

From this area, which also has a bar, there's a 10-minute walk with a 70-m descent to reach the Roc del Quer vantage point platform, just 400 metres away. Comfortable footwear is recommended for the walk.

This viewpoint can be visited free of charge during the winter. In summer, however, visits must be pre-booked and payment must be made in advance. You will find all the information with package rates, ticket prices and the calendar with opening times in this link.

What is viewpoint like?

The Mirador del Quer or Mirador de Canillo viewpoint, as many call it, is a 20-metre walkway, of which 8 metres are on solid ground while the other 12 seem to stretch into the scenery itself: this part of the walkway is a platform that is suspended in mid-air, creating the impression that you're levitating above the valley. Not only will the magic of this place make you feel like you're presiding over the Pyrenees; part of the walkway is made of transparent glass, further reinforcing the sense of height. Moreover, it is noteworthy that this part was installed in 2016.

You're also sure to notice the sculpture at the end of the walkway: The Ponderer, by artist Miguel Ángel González, whose calm and meditative attitude invites visitors to do the same. Sitting on a beam, undaunted, it appears as if the height causes him no fear whatsoever. And in fact, it doesn't: it fills him with strength and confidence.

Nonetheless, what makes the Mirador del Quer truly unique is its spectacular view. The valleys of Montaup and Valira d'Orient unfold below you; they're a vibrant green in summer and a glistening white during the winter. You'll also find a brief description of the surrounding scenery and the geological process by which the mountains were formed so you can better appreciate the view in front of you.

The Mirador Roc del Quer isn't the only modern, accessible infrastructure that blends in with the Pyrenean landscape: in the 70s the Basilica of Our Lady of Meritxell was erected just two kilometres South of Canillo. It's devoted to the patron saint of Andorra, Our Lady of Meritxell.

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