Recreation Trail: Pic Negre medium distance route




Erg moeilijk


27 km

We begin the route in front of the Sant Julià de Lòria Tourist Office and head towards the border along the streets, covering the first gentle downward kilometre on asphalt until we reach the cement incline to our left. This leads to a constant climb taking us to Auvinyà, where we will cover 2km on asphalt, passing through the town of Juberri until we find the signs for the GRP Carrer del Bosc. At this point, we will commence a steep climb through the forest, which will take us to La Rabassa, where we will have a flat section to recover our strength.

Leaving the car park behind us, we will reach Refugi de Pimes and Collada de Pimes, along a gentle descent, and where we will begin the climb, following the track and the GRP signs to the summit of Pic Negre, at 2645m, after passing through Coll de Finestres.

From the summit, we comfortably descend Calm de Claror, until reaching a wide mountain path where to the right we will see the track that will lead us to the Refugi de Prat Primer, visible at all times. This leg is scree where we can come across patches of snow until well into the summer months, but at no time does this pose a problem.

Having reached the shelter, we head to the left, in the direction of Coll de la Caülla, which is reached after a gentle section of mountain path. At the top of the hill, we should be able to make out Sant Julià at the bottom of the valley, which we will reach after a quick descent, passing by several bordes and the towns of Certés and Nagol.

WATER: St Julià de Lòria km 0, La Rabassa km 10, Refugi Prat Primer km 19, Abeurador km 24


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