Recreation Trail: Isards vertical route






3,6 km

We start the route before the Tourist Office of Canillo, crossing the road with caution. The streets of the town will already mark the tonic of the circuit, in sharp rise. We will leave the village and cross the road to get into a marked path with yellow dots, parallel to the Montaup River. Shortly after, we will go back to the road, in a softer section, to the Borda de Janramon first, and Borda de Roig later, where we will take a turn to the right to leave the trail and enter the forest.

From this point the path disappears and we will be guided by the track, avoiding the trees of the forest until we leave them behind to make the last section, with a strong slope, by pasture where we will find sections with the high grass.

After this last shovel we will reach a small hill that, without difficulty, will lead us to the final point, the Cap de la Serra dels Isards.

To download, we can do it without loss until the end of the track, making it difficult to find a smoother slope that will allow us to go down to the Montaup Plans easily, and connect again with the track to return.

WATER: Canillo / We can freshen up at the Montaup River downhill.


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