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You’ll go through the Arinsal tunnel on both the ascent and the descent. In this short stretch you might lose your GPS signal, but you won’t get lost of course.

Start the route to Arinsal in front of the Park Interpretation Centre, walking the first kilometre on the road, until going through the Arinsal tunnel. Just as you come out of the tunnel, turn right, and soon after you’ll start the ascent, along the GR, towards the Comapedrosa shelter. The climb is steep from the beginning and, after taking some short breaks if needed, you’ll reach Colladeta de Comapedrosa, where you’ll be able to approach the shelter, 5 minutes from the pass. Continue straight on, on a short descent, to cross the remains of a pond, and start the climb again to Estany Negre, always on a smooth path. At this point, you will leave the GR and follow the “Pic” signs to the right, with yellow points. The first stretch is demanding, along scree, and once it reaches the edge, the slope becomes less severe until reaching the 2939-m summit of the highest point in Andorra

The descent will be done flanking the ridge to the left, to Coll de Malhivern, and once you reach the hill you’ll see rocks scattered all over, sometimes with a small path, where you will follow the track and the yellow points found along the way. Leaving the rocky area behind, take a steep smooth path, and then make a short descent through meadow, to find the path again and the GR, which will take you to the Pla de l’Estany unmanned shelter, where you will find a fountain.

From this point, after a flat section, you will no longer leave the GR at any time. Following the path, in clear descent, you’ll eventually reach the tunnel again that you went through on the ascent, and, retracing the asphalt section, you’ll arrive at the starting point once again.

It’s possible to see snow in the highlands and the descent from Malhivern until well into summer. Without going through the door itself, it’s possible to access the Comapedrosa shelter by deviating just 5 minutes from the itinerary.

Water: Arinsal, Pla de L’estany Shelter (Km 11), Various Streams

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Wat is er in de buurt? ?


Hotel Montané

The 3-star Hotel Montané has 27 large rooms with satellite television and free wifi internet connection in some of the rooms.

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Aparthotel Sant Andreu

The Sant Andreu aparthotel stands in natural surroundings in the parish of La Massana, at the foot of the Vallnord-Pal Arinsal ski slopes.

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Tourist Apartments Sant Moritz

The apartments are located in natural surroundings in the village of Arinsal, at the foot of the Vallnord-Pal Arinsal ski resort slopes.

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A.M.P Grup Chalet

The 3-star A.M.P Grup Chalet is in the Xalet Llopis, in natural surroundings in the valley of the village of Arinsal.

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Comapedrosa Hut

The Comapedrosa Shelter is found at the foot of the highest peak in Andorra, between the Collet del Comapedrosa and the Estany de les Truites.

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Pla de l’Estany Hut

The Pla de l’Estany Hut is in the Arinsal Valley next to the Pla de l’Estany straight, in the parish of La Massana. 

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