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CAUTION: The descent section of Casamanya to Coll d'Arenes is equipped with chains. We will follow the track and the yellow dots which will take us to them. In this sector we recommend using gloves, especially if it suits a lot, so that we do not slip the chain.

We start the route to Ordino, in front of the Comú building, and we will go to the Segudet road, until the asphalt leaves the dirt road, and shortly after we will find the signposting of GR, which always rises , will lead us to the Coll d'Ordino, already at 2000m high. Without stepping on the asphalt of the road, we will see the path on the left, well indicated and milled, first by forest, and then by path between alpine meadows, it will lead us to Casamanya S Peak, 2740m, crowned by a a great milestone that will be visible for a long time, and following the ridge, without technical or physical difficulty, we will reach the Pico de Casamanya N, the culminating point of the route, with 2756m.

Without leaving the track, nor the yellow dots we follow, we will cross the irregular plain of rocks that we find shortly after the summit, and we will start the most technical section, to the Coll d'Arenes, where we will help the chains that are installed. Lades to the rock to lower with more security. 

Coll d'Arenes is a vast natural hill that separates the peaks of Casamanya and Estanyó, and the villages of Ordino and Canillo.

We will turn left, following the track, and we will begin the descent, fast and intense, which will lead us to the bottom of the valley, always by path, initially with a short stretch of scree, and later along the path between alpine meadows, before to get into the forest and, by helping us through the yellow dots and the signs we find, reach the Iron Route, at the height of the town of Llorts.

We turn to the left, and we will take the last section of the route, the easiest, which always next to the Valira del Nord River will drive us back to the starting point, making the last kilometer by asphalt.

WATER: ORDINO, GR Table area (km 4), Font la Cortinada (km 19)

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Hotel Santa Bàrbara de la Vall d'Ordino

The 3-star Hotel Santa Bàrbara de la Vall d'Ordino is a small rural hotel in the heart of the parish of Ordino.

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Hotel La Planada

The 3-star Hotel La Planada lies in Ordino, one of the prettiest villages in the Principality. 

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Hotel Babot

The Hotel Babot is a few kilometres from the Vallnord ski resort. 

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Aparthotel la Tulipa

The three-star Aparthotel la Tulipa is located in a natural setting in the village of Arans, in the parish of Ordino.

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Hotel Ordino

The Hotel Ordino is located in the historical centre of the village of Ordino, one of the prettiest villages in Andorra. 

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Hotel Coma

The 3-star Coma is in natural surroundings in the centre of the village of Ordino. 

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