Port d’Envalira Vantage Point

Mirador Port d’Envalira

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The Port d’Envalira vantage point is located at an altitude of more than 2400m, just a few kilometres away from the centre of Pas de la Casa. Located on a widened stretch of the road, the vantage point has an area with vegetation, a section for pedestrians and a car park, among others.

A vantage point inviting you to stop and take a breath

Directly overlooking the town of Encamp, this vantage point provides spectacular views of the Vall d’Orient, Similarly, to improve your experience, the space also has two wooden benches, inviting you to stop, take a breath and relax for a moment, while you take in the surrounding scenery.

However, the appeal of this vantage point doesn’t end here, as although it offers spectacular views of the Encamp mountains, this lookout spot will also make you travel back in time. The area also includes a hut (completely sustainable and powered by its solar panels and batteries), constructed with the essence of the first cabin built in Pas de la Casa, where you can see first-hand how the herdsman of bygone times lived. It should be noted however, that the hut is only open during the day.

Finally, we should add that all the elements are perfectly integrated with the natural landscape and the surrounding environment. The Port d’Envalira vantage point is located at kilometre 27 of the CG-2 road of Pas de la Casa.

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