Outing with buggy in Naturlandia


Do you want to explore Naturlandia and discover the beauty of its landscapes? Do not doubt, with 4x4 buggy outings you can do so! You can choose buggies for two or four people.

The routes will take place within one hour along the paths and forests of La Rabassa, until reaching the Black Pic. You can enjoy the incredible scenery that is found in the vicinity of Naturlandia, reaching the border with Spain.

Along the route, the guide will make a stop and you can take photos, also the guide will tell you all the anecdotes and stories of the itinerary and other curiosities of the route going through the Refuge Pimes (Refugi de Pimes) and the viewpoint of Bescaran.

There are 30-minute and 1-hour routes available and this activity is not included in the full park ticket.

Buggies for kids!

What’s more, so that little ones can experience driving too, the park also offers a closed buggy circuit.

Children taller than 1.20 m may drive the vehicle, although they must be accompanied by an adult in the passenger seat. Children shorter than 1.20 m may also take part in this activity, but in this case, the child must sit in the passenger seat and the adult in the driver’s seat.

The 1,500 m-long circuit is supervised by a specialist monitor at all times, who will make sure the children are safe.

Opening hours and other details:

Buggy rides for adults take place in the summer months only. The children’s buggy activity is open all year.

Check the opening times for the season before planning your activities at Naturlandia.

Don't wait any longer, come to Naturlandia and get carried away!

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