Naturlandia Animal Park



Naturlandia, in Andorra, is a park offering fun, adventure and the chance to learn about nature, designed for both children and adults. Its many attractions include the animal park, a very different concept from a zoo, as the animals you see are native to the area and in their natural habitat. Just like home. Learn about the most interesting attractions in this original park for all ages.

What animals can you see in the Naturlandia park?

This multi-purpose park has a clear mission to maintain the balance between humans and nature. For this reason, the animals you see are native species living in their natural habitat. The park's "star" animal is probably the brown bear, which lives in a large area covering 1.5 hectares. As well as this large mammal, there are also fallow deer, red deer, marmots, chamois and even a Eurasian lynx, somewhat larger than the Iberian lynx. In addition, the wolf also features prominently in the park. Explanations are provided on interesting aspects of its life and associated traditions, with the aim of lifting the dark myths surrounding it and fostering respect for the animal. And of course, younger kids can enjoy the pony rides.

As well as its native animals, Naturlandia has a number of other areas where visitors can learn about different animal species. For example, the farm has a number of typical farm animals, such as the pig. The Interactive Classroom and the Nature Classroom offer workshops, exhibitions and other activities to complete the educational facilities.

Where and how to enjoy the animal park

Naturlandia animal park runs for a length of 1 kilometre (there and back) and is located at an altitude of some 2,000 metres in the Sant Julia de Loria highlands. To reach it, turn onto Carretera General 1 after passing the roundabout where the parish tourist office is located.

It has its own entrance and car-park. Throughout the area, strict safety measures are applied for visitors, while fully respecting the life of the animals. Some of the animals can only be discovered by observation, thus ensuring they are disturbed as little as possible. A number of viewpoints are provided, from which you can spot the different species. This is the case of the bear, which has its own cave in the park.

If you prefer a thorough visit, the park also offers guided tours, where you can learn intriguing facts about animal life!

Other activities in the park

As already mentioned, this famous Andorran park has much more to do for all the family. One such activity is Nordic skiing in winter: at 2,000 m above sea level, this is the only cross-country ski resort in the whole of the Principality, with tracks for all levels and courses for both beginners and experienced skiers. As for attractions, the best known is the Tobotronc, the world's longest Alpine toboggan ride, at 5.3 km. Another attraction is the Airtrekk, a safe obstacle and balancing course 13 m above the ground. Zip-line, buggies, archery and bouncy castles are some of the other options on offer, depending on the time of year you visit. Don't miss out!

Hours and additional information:

Naturlandia is open from 9 am to 5 pm during the winter season, from late November to mid-April, and from 10 am to 6 pm (extended to 7 pm in August) during the summer season, from mid-May until early November.

The centre will remain closed in November and April (from the middle until the end of the month in the case of April) for maintenance and servicing.

Please also note that Cota 1600 and the Tobotronc will remain closed during low season months as well.

See all the centre’s hours and availability here.


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