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Andorra is a paradise for hikers. Our country is ideal for excursions on foot during most of the year and throughout most of our territory, because about 90% of it is forest and green land. What’s why we’ve drawn up a large map of GRs (long-distance routes for hiking), where you can also check other info, such as the location of mountain lodges and shelters in Andorra (manned and unmanned) available to all hikers. Here you’ll find more details on this valuable information resource for you to use before and during your trip. Prepare to lose yourself in the Country of the Pyrenees!

Map of GRs in Andorra

There are six GRs (long-distance routes) in Andorra, with trails spanning more than 300 kilometres in total. They all go through idyllic landscapes, where a perfect balance between fauna, flora and human life is preserved. Some of these places have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco, such as the Vall de Madriu-Perafita-Claror Nature Park, which is traversed by three of these GRs.

One is the GRP Andorra, the longest of the routes in the Principality. It consists of a large circular route around the country. As well as the aforementioned Vall de Madriu-Perafita-Claror Nature Park, it also crosses such highly emblematic places as the forest of La Rabassa or Juclà Lake, the largest in Andorra. Nearly 120 km of hiking trails, with 4 proposed stages.

The GR 7 and GR 11 (or Pyrenean GR), on the other hand, are shorter but none the less special for it, at just over 40 kilometres each. They reach heights of over 2,600 m at some points, such as La Collada dels Pessons and La Portella de Sant Antoni on the GR 7, and El Port de Baiau on the GR 11.

The other three major routes on the map of GRs in Andorra are the ARP (High Pyrenean Route) and two GRTs (Cross-border GRs): the Three Nations route, so named as it covers places in Andorra, Spain and France, and the Volta als llacs route, so named as it visits a number of lakes.

Shelters and mountain lodges

All these routes offer accommodation to spend the night. There are two types: manned and unmanned. The manned shelters are mountain lodges with all the services a hiker might need. The unmanned ones are mountain shelters located in high mountain areas, where you can spend the night but with no staff or hotel services due to the location.

Downloads and information from the Tourist Offices

So you can check out all the GRs in detail before you start your trip, you can download this highly detailed map. It shows altitudes, length of each route, useful telephone numbers and even has a list of lodgings and mountain shelters on the routes. It’s also available at the Tourist Offices of Andorra at just €2.90.

Strap on your hiking boots and take in the most beautiful landscapes in the Pyrenees!

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