Iron Way: Via Cable 1

Iron Way: Via Cable 1




80 m


+60 m / -60 m

It offers two route options: you can take the Cable 1 via or the Cable 2 via.

The Cable 1 via ferrata begins at an altitude of 1,475 m, covers a distance of 80 m and involves an elevation change of 60 m.

Its difficulty level is moderate; you will need some technical knowledge, given its altitude and length.

Please note that this route does not include an escape route and includes a chimney in the middle part.

A fun fact...

This via ferrata is unique in that it has created confusion among experts; they cannot decide whether it is a real via ferrata or just a climbing route with a cable...

Why not find out for yourself?

The Cable 1 via ferrata is oriented towards the southwest. Way: 2 h 10 min. Return: 50 min. 

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