Guided Ecotourism route: El circ de Pessons

Guided Ecotourism route: El circ de Pessons



At the Circ de Pessons we can see the typical lake vegetation such as sedge and duckweed. Around the lakes we find bushes, with alpen rose, juniper and whortleberry. The herbaceous vegetation we come across is leopard’s bane and monkshood. This is an area for amphibians. We can easily find tadpoles and adult frogs and the birds of the area include northern wheatears, water pipits and black redstarts. If we look at the sky we can see crows, vultures and bearded vultures.

Level: Easy
Duration: 5 hours aprox.
Information and bookings: Tourist Office of Encamp.

To reach this trail, take the 4x4 bus from Solanelles or the bus to Grau Roig. Both will take you to the lake, where the trail begins!

Download Alpify, the safety application that in the event of emergency allows users to send their exact location to the rescue teams.

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