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La Mina is an escape game set in the middle of the 19th century in which you’ll discover the difficult life of iron miners.

La Mina is held along the Iron Route of the Valley of Ordino and the Llorts mine. Times are tough for the iron miners, and the forges are suffering from a lack of precious minerals. In this historical context you’ll meet the protagonists of this adventure, Pierre and Claude. They are a couple of miners whom you will have to help find access to a new mine, whose location is unknown. The only person who knew the exact location, their foreman Jean-Michelle, has come to an untimely end. And if they don’t find it, they’ll lose their jobs as the forge where they work closes.

Will you help Pierre and Claude find the lost mine? 

The La Mina Escape Game takes place outdoors in the Ordino Valley Iron Route. The activity lasts 90 min. It is suitable for families, with 2 to 5 participants (though it can be done with more people). We recommend bringing appropriate clothing and footwear for the time of year.

Bookings and more information on the Escape Andorra website.

Wat is er in de buurt? ?


Tourist Apartments Prat de les Mines

The apartments are in natural surroundings in Llorts, in the parish of Ordino on the way to Ordino Arcalís ski resort.

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Hotel Babot

The Hotel Babot is a few kilometres from the Vallnord ski resort. 

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Hotel La Planada

The 3-star Hotel La Planada lies in Ordino, one of the prettiest villages in the Principality. 

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Hotel Ordino

The Hotel Ordino is located in the historical centre of the village of Ordino, one of the prettiest villages in Andorra. 

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Aparthotel la Tulipa

The three-star Aparthotel la Tulipa is located in a natural setting in the village of Arans, in the parish of Ordino.

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Angonella Hut

The Angonella Hut is on the right of the l´Angonella path over the Bassa del Racó, in the parish of Ordino. 

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