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Color Botanica was born out of Sara’s desire to live close to nature and draw on its creativity. She is a great lover of medicinal and edible plants, and created a business that uses natural dyes to decorate items such as kimonos, cushions, shawls, purses, silk handkerchiefs and more. The firm’s designs and creations are unique and exclusive, and each item is individually crafted.

Adopting a highly personalised creative routine that follows the rhythms of nature, Color Botanica gathers plants at the precise moment they come into bloom, in order to make the most of their qualities. Employing a variety of processes and techniques, the company uses not only the dried plants it has gathered, but also the remains of the dye plants that are used on a daily basis, transforming their skins and peel into dye.

In short, at Color Botanica you’ll find products with unique, one-off prints made using natural dyes and eco-printing. You can buy these products direct from the shop itself, or if you prefer, you can order them from the comfort of your own home via the shop’s online platform.

Last but not least, Color Botanica also offers a variety of online courses, where you can learn the best techniques for making prints and put your creativity to the test!


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