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& (And) craft beer

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C/ dels Barrers, 26-32 E3
Santa Coloma

(+376) 363 650

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Brewing beer at an altitude of 1,000 metres gives it the ability to pair well with the best dishes.

& (AND) is a craft beer elaborated with a unique blend of ingredients. A creation born from the restless and enterprising young gastronomist, Iván García, trained at the Basque Culinary Centre in Sant Sebastià.  Behind & (And) there is the research search for quality and the love for artisanal products.

At their facilities located in Sant Coloma, which you can visit, they produce two varieties: the Blonde & (And) (33 cl), a golden-yellow colour, outstandingly refreshing to drink at any time of day, with friends or family and it is the perfect complement to oily fish and red meats. And the Toasted & (And) (also 33 cl) to slowly savour and also goes well with rich meals, such as a cheese fondue.

Visit their facilities where you will experience for yourself the elaboration process and discover the attentive selection of ingredients and primary materials, which give the & (And) beer a distinctive character and personality. What's more, you have a taste.

Visits, which must be book in advance, can be arranged for groups of 2 to 15 people, they last between one and a half and two hours and entry is free.

& (And) craft beer from Andorra to the world!


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