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From 13 to 17 September you have a new date with Andorra Taste: the second edition of this international event focusing on high-mountain cuisine that brings together chefs from Andorra and beyond, as well as producers and tourist-industry professionals, in order to explore the unique qualities of high-mountain cuisine.

The event is organised by Andorra Turisme and Vocento Gastronomía (GSR Group) and aims to showcase Andorra’s cuisine, native products, gastronomic influence and culinary relationship with France and Spain.   

The Principality is hosting a gathering of the finest Andorran and international chefs

Once again, Andorra is bringing together the leading chefs in the field of high-mountain cuisine. More than one hundred professionals from around the world are gathering in Andorra, where they will discuss – through the medium of gastronomy –  concepts such as identity, sustainability, and the promotion of high-mountain regions. You will have a unique opportunity to learn new culinary techniques and discover some of the star dishes of Andorran cuisine.

Additionally, and in line with the previous edition, the Andorra Taste Awards will give out a new prize to honour the achievements of an international chef who has made a significant contribution to culinary development in recent years.

The best gourmet tastings at Andorra Taste Popular

From 15 to 17 September, Andorra Taste will also offer an extensive programme of activities for all comers. Calle Veedors in Escaldes-Engordany will be dressed up in its finery, ready to welcome everyone who wants to discover our cuisine: all along the street you will find a variety of gourmet spaces where you can enjoy our chefs’ most sophisticated creations. And don't miss the designer tapas, made from quintessentially local products and boasting all the flavour of the high mountains.

Local producers will also be given a special space where they can showcase their wide range of products, including jam, honey, spirits, wine, beer, cheese and cured meats, all made using entirely artisanal techniques.

Show cooking and live music

Live cooking workshops will also take place during the weekend. Mark the date and make sure you don’t miss the culinary demonstrations given by the chefs taking part in these popular get-togethers! The guest chefs, along with other professionals from Andorra, will reveal the best-kept secrets of their culinary trade. A variety of tastings will also be available, so that you can discover our finest native products. Make sure you reserve your place!

To accompany these two days of gastronomic exploration and complete the culinary experience, a number of Andorran groups – offering a variety of musical styles – will perform a series of live concerts.

In short, the event promises five intense days during which the Principality will become the epicentre of high-mountain cuisine.

Kids’ kitchen: cooking workshops for little ones

Younger visitors will also have their own special space at this year’s edition of Andorra Taste Popular, with cooking workshops designed to give the little ones an introduction to the culinary arts. The children will learn how to prepare a number of traditional Andorran dishes, so that they can take a little piece of Andorra home with them.

Why you mustn’t miss out

Whether you’re an industry professional or just a lover of good food, Andorra Taste is the event for you! With a wide-ranging programme of talks, activities and workshops, you’ll discover the best-kept secrets of the most renowned chefs and have the opportunity to enjoy their most exquisite creations. And all of this will be accompanied by the best live music!

Although the event will physically take place in Andorra in the parish of Escaldes-Engordany, you can also follow it online via the dedicated digital platform.

You’ll be able to sign up soon and make sure you don’t miss the talks!

Indulge your palate at the 2023 edition of Andorra Taste!

Location and dates: The Prat del Roure complex and Calle Veedors in Escaldes-Engordany, from 13 to 17 September 2023.

Find out what the 2022 edition of Andorra Taste was like at

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