Sculptures and fountains in Sant Julià de Lòria

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Come discover a touch of the art of Sant Julia de Lòria and contemplate the parish from a different point of view.

  • Muntanyes sobre un carro (Mountains on a carriage)

The work of the Andorran sculptor Jordi Casamajor from 2006. It was made in rusted steel and forms part of the series of sculptures that the artist has called Carros Mitològics, or mythological carriages.

This work, according to Casamajor, explains how in an imaginary world inspired by pre-Christian mythology in an Andorra where there was as yet nothing, a mythical carriage bears the mountains of Andorra. In particular, the Valley of Sant Julià de Lòria is framed by the Rocafort Mountain which rises imposingly over the town.

  • Bust of Francesc Cairat

At the entrance to the town of Sant Julià de Lòria we find a bust of the person who was the syndic of Andorra from 1937 to 1960, the Right Honourable Mr. Francesc Cairat Freixes who was very important in Andorran society during the wars and in the post-war years (Spanish Civil War and Second World War).

The bust is the work of the Andorran sculptor Josep Viladomat made in bronze in 1981.

  • Other works that we can find in the parish:

Bust of Clio by Josep Mª Subirachs; The bare bather by Josep Viladomat; a sculpture of the twinning of the giants groups of Prats de Lluçanès and Sant Juià de Lòria by Philippe Lavail; Giants City sculpture by Roger Mas Canalís; Physychromy for Andorra by Carlos Cruz-Diez; Fountain with mill wheel and mosaic of the old mill by Sergi Mas; ‘Llop en Alfa dominant’, sculptures of the route of trades, sculpture of the Purito route by Philippe Lavail; ‘Vincles’ by Àngel Calvente.

Take a stroll around Sant Julià de Lòria and discover them!

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