Museums in Andorra

Come to Andorra and visit the most spectacular museums. Experience the country's culture first-hand.

The Miniature Museum

Crucifixes and Russian Dolls that can't be fully appreciated without a magnifying glass and microscope: The items exhibited in the The Museum of Miniatures in Ordino will surely surprise you.

Rocks in the Street Museum

The Rocks in the Street Museum is an urban route carried out following different explanatory panels in the streets of Andorra la Vella.

World Champions Museum

The racer Jorge Lorenzo opens his collection of unique F1 and Motorcycling World Champions pieces to the public.

Cal Pal house museum

Cal Pal is an important manor house built in the Middle Ages with its own unique, vernacular architectural style.

El Portal de la Vall
La Cortinada Nature Centre

The La Cortinada Nature Centre will show you all of the details of the flora and fauna in Andorra and how they started in the valleys.