Cultural circuit La Massana


La Massana offers you three cultural routes to see all of the corners of this parish:

Routes by car in La Massana

La Massana offer various routes that reveal the way of life of a country strongly attached to its customs and traditions. For visitors who wish to acquaint themselves with our valleys, we suggest the following routes.

Romanesque jewels

Discover the Andorra Romanesque Interpretation Centre in Pal and examples of Romanesque culture in the valleys of Andorra, such as the churches of Sant Climent in PalSant Cristòfol in Anyós on top of a hill with impressive views. We end our route at the bridge and chapel of Sant Antoni, attached to the rocks of the pools on the Valira del Nord River.

The power of water

A route to discover the importance of water in the valleys. On the trail you can visit El Bisbe spring at Coll de la Botella set in a natural setting with spectacular views; the waterfall and bridge on the Pollós River in Comapedrosa nature reserve - a nook of rare beauty; in La Massana is the Rossell Forge, the iron visitor centre where you can see how water is used as a source of energy; the old renovated mills in Anyós, and the Romanesque bridge of Sant Antoni, amongst other delights.

Find out the times of the Cultural Route at La Massana Tourist Office and also the staged visits organised in the summer by el Sisquet de Cal Sinquede, a curious character from the past century, who will explain how life formerly was in La Massana, its stories and anecdotes. Places limited. Booking required.



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