Church of Sant Romà de Vila

Església de Sant Romà de Vila

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The building has been refurbished several times: the current floor, which is the result of these changes, has a rectangular nave and apse, with a gabled bell tower and Gothic bell. The feature that makes it most attractive, however, is inside, where we can see a reproduction of the Romanesque altar front. This is the only sign of Romanesque painting on wood in Andorra, and which is also preserved complete with its three faces. The columns, decorated in vegetable and geometric motifs support three boards, the front represents the Maiestas Domini, flanked by the tetra morph and four pairs of apostles, and on the side we can see Mary’s assumption and another three apostles. The original, which is from the 13th century, is now kept in the MNAC, the Catalonia National Art Museum in Barcelona. Guided tours on request and booking in advance.


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