“Refugees. Andorra, host country”

Van 18-03-2023 tot 09-01-2024

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Cal Pal
La Cortinada

(+376) 338 096

Homage exhibition at Cal Pal

"Refugees. Andorra, host country" tells the story of the refugees who have found a home in Andorra, offering visitors a deeper understanding of their situation through archives and photographs, remnants of war and audiovisual materials, in addition to a programme of activities.

This exhibition has two main goals: to pay homage to the refugees who have passed through Andorra throughout history and to create a space where we can reflect on the current global situation.

In the exhibition, we can see how Andorra and its inhabitants have reacted and behaved when faced with the large number of refugees that have arrived at different times in history, particularly during the Carlist Wars, the two World Wars and the Spanish Civil War. These conflicts changed the fate of Andorra forever and helped forge its current identity.

By hearing these stories from the refugees of the past, we can obtain a better understanding of the present – being a refugee and welcoming one into your home are universal, timeless experiences. There are currently more than 103 million people all over the world who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of war (data from the UNHCR), a number that only continues to grow.

You can visit the “Refugees. Andorra, host country” exhibition at Cal Pal socio-cultural space in La Cortinada, Ordino until 7 January 2024.

For more information on the opening times, individual and guided visits and the programme of activities, please visit the official website.