Drinks night in the historic old town


07 van June - 07 van June

“Drinks night in the historic old town” establishes itself as one of the most popular events in the capital, which signals the arrival of the summer season.

Drinks night 2018in the historic old town

Once again, the old town of the capital and its surrounding areas get ready to offer you a new edition of “Drinks night in the historic old town”.

One night which is becoming increasingly popular year after year, signalling the beginning of the summer season.

Drinks, live music, shopping and a variety of activities that allow you to enjoy yourself in a relaxed evening in a pleasant atmosphere all at your own pace, at a variety of spaces and terraces in the area.

On June 7 you have an appointment with “Drinks night 2018”!

Location and dates: Historic Old Town of Andorra la Vella, Thursday, 7 June from seven in the evening to midnight.

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(+376) 750 100

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Centre històric
Andorra la Vella

(+376) 750 100