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Av. de les Escoles, 5

(+376) 727 808 (+376) 821 459

Although Lego toys may now be found in shopping centres and hypermarkets, the Tot Lego store in Andorra is an absolute haven for the brand’s fans. It belongs to the Basar Valira group, which has other specialised shops annexed; one specialising in models, and another in miniature train sets.

This Lego store’s address in Andorra is Avinguda de Les Escoles, 5. As you can see in the map, it is in the centre of Escaldes-Engordany which, together with the capital of Andorra la Vella, makes up the country’s urban centre. It is very close to the area’s main hotels and the Vivand pedestrianised area, which is the centre’s foremost commercial area.

What can we expect to find at Tot Lego Andorra

In this Lego store in Andorra, you may find all sorts of toys made by this famous children’s games brand, including the latest releases from their catalogues, and all their product lines. Landscapes, modern-day cartoon characters, vehicles, aeroplanes and many more.

These toys are aimed at all ages, from 1 year-olds to teenagers, and even adults who refuse to give up one of their favourite hobbies. For the younger ones, this store—located in Escaldes-Engordany—offers options from the Duplo line, which is ideal for children aged 1 to 5, as it includes larger blocks and pieces designed to prevent ingestion.

Other lines available at the store

In addition to Duplo, the store offers other famous lines made by this brand. For instance, Lego City features blocks that make up skyscrapers, streets, houses, characters from everyday life and many other details. Lego Friends items are also on sale; these are aimed at children aged 5 to 12, especially girls, as they are an original take on the traditional doll houses—although obviously the line is open to everyone.

There’s no shortage of the great cinema and video game sagas that have become so fashionable in recent years. A good example of this is Lego Star Wars, which has become a real hit, and is featured in this store, offering space ships, Imperial Army figures, reproductions of the legendary Death Star and much more. There are also Lego versions of famous superheroes, including some of the brand’s own, like Chima. Similarly, you may check availability of packages inspired by well-loved characters for younger audiences, such as Harry Potter or Indiana Jones, or video games like Minecraft.

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