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This year, Grandvalira and Pal Arinsal are offering this exciting activity, in which you’ll feel like a real adventurer, deciphering all the clues, markers and signs in the forest until you find all the hidden checkpoints.  

As soon as you arrive, you will be given a map and a compass so that you can find your way and a route sheet where you can note down all the steps you take and all the clues you solve until you find all the hidden control points.

Orienteering course in Grandvalira

You’ll find an activity with a more competitive edge at the Grandvalira resort, the perfect exercise for doing with friends or work colleagues on a team-building day. The resort offers an activity similar to the GPS Alpine Circuit. This activity can be done in combination with skiing or snowboarding or, if you’d prefer, even on snowshoes.

You’ll have an hour to try to find all the beacons hidden in the forest and complete the activity. The winning team will be the one that finishes the entire course in as little time as possible.

This isn’t just an activity for adults, though, as the resort also has a children’s version (for children ages 6 and up ) with Raid Aventura: a multi-activity circuit has been set up in the trees, with archery, snowshoe skill races and surprise orienteering points!

Orienteering course in Pal Arinsal

At the Pal Arinsal resort, activities are more focused on fun as a family. Explore the forests of Pal, following one of the courses chosen and looking for the hidden points. There’s no time limit and the activity isn’t competitive. It’s just lots of fun, perfect for doing with little ones!

In addition, if so required, our expert mountain activity guides can accompany you on these adventures.

Don’t miss this activity, where you will learn to read maps and solve puzzles like a real boy scout!

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