Freeride downhill: Pic d’Arcalís





1,9 km


+175 m / -626 m

Start point: Vallnord-Ordino Arcalís resort car park, Hortell building. We will take the La Bassera cable car to climb SE to the Pic d'Arcalís. 2nd route: climb towards the Arcalís peak and after 100 m we find La Canal de l'Amor (mythical to Arcalís) and we will go down to the end of the descending gulleys, which is where we will climb up to the peak. Once at the Pic d'Arcalís, we will follow the crest of the peak to the entrance of the gulleys, 400 m of crest SW. 2nd route: from the point where the gulleys finish, we will climb up the left-hand side to the peak.

Descent: The first part of the gulleys with 40°, without much difficulty (there must be a lot of snow to be able to start them from the peak); the 2nd part narrower and forming a 45° pipe with a wide exit, which will take us to the base along the large gulley, or the off-track variants on either side.

Parking area: (42°37'55.28"N and 1°29'59.89"E).

Drop: 45°

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