Freeride downhill: Canals de Creussans (Cabanyó)





4 km


+156 m / -795 m

Start point: Arcalís ski resort car park, Hortell building. If we have a Vallnord ski pass we can quickly get almost to the point of the descent. We take the La Bassera ski lift, go down the Coma d'Arcalís and take the Creussans chairlift, after which we climb the left-hand crest to the SW, passing Creussans peak and go on up a few more metres to the entrance to the first of the gulleys between this peak and Cabanyó, 2,690 m, just before. After descending this gulley, we will climb back up SW under Cabanyó peak to find the crest and a nameless promontory between this peak and el Cap de la Costa Gran. A 25-minute climb to the first gulley.

Descent: The first gulleythat leaves the crest of the Creussans peak is visible from la Coma d'Arcalís and we can see a large rock dividing it halfway down. Depending on the snow conditions, this rock is easily passed to the right, but if not it would mean a 3 m jump dropping into the gulley. There is nothing complicated about the rest, with a constant gradient of around 40°-45° and a length of 200 m. The second gulleyis less difficult than the first, maybe with a constant gradient of 45°, but without obstacles along the way, wide enough to turn comfortably and around 150 m long. The rest of the descent will be towards la Coma d'Arcalís, the start point of the two chairlifts.

Parking area: (42°37'55.28"N and 1°29'59.89"E).

Drop: 35-45°

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