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Virgin snow, sections with obstacles and jumps, steep slopes and wooded areas are just some of the backdrops where you can enjoy the sport in a safe, controlled way.

Highlights in Grandvalira include the freeride areas in El Tarter sector: Canal de Encampadana, Canal de les Solanelles and the Bosc de Comella or the Pic Blanc located in Grau Roig sector. Two new highlights are the controlled freeride areas: the Encampadana Freeride Area in El Tarter sector and Pic Blanc in Grau Roig.

But if what you’re looking for is an adrenaline rush, you can’t miss the freeride expedition! You’ll ride in a snowcat up to Pic del Maià (located outside the Grandvalira ski area) at over 2600 metres above sea level, and then all you have to do is make the most of your freeride descent back down! Please note that an expert mountain guide will accompany you on this excursion and ensure your safety at all times.

In Ordino Arcalís there are around 20 monitored freeride areas, divided into 3 categories according to the level of difficulty. The standout freeride areas are at Creussans and El Port del Rat, but that’s not all!

The Pal Arinsal resort also has 2 freeride areas, one located at Devesa and the other in the Pal sector, with both also differentiated by level of difficulty. 

In addition to the areas in ski resorts, Andorra also has 39 free-access freeride trails. Come discover them!