Cross country skiing in Naturland

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Crta. de la Rabassa, km. 8
Sant Julià de Lòria

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Nestled between Spain and France, in the glorious Pyrenees, there are a multitude of reasons to visit the tiny principality of Andorra, which may be small in size, but packs a real punch as a tourist destination, for sight-seeing, shopping, culture and much more. Andorra cross country skiing is a fabulous way to see the country, so it's well worth looking into this snowy slice of heaven when planning your next trip.

Andorra is the perfect place for cross country skiing, or Nordic skiing, as it's also known, in reference to its origins. As opposed to downhill skiing, which can take some time to master and is not necessarily for the faint-hearted, it's fairly easy to get the hang of. Essentially, it's all about getting around in a snowy landscape, but on flat or rolling terrain, with the help of poles and lightweight skis. The skis are skinny and the boots are flexible, and designed to keep your heels free to help you propel yourself along. Simple! Not only is it great fun, it's an excellent cardio workout, so you can take in jaw-dropping scenery content in the knowledge you're doing your body some good. And while it's great for physical fitness, the combination of Andorra´s breathtaking scenery and pristine mountain air, with the repetitive, methodical movements needed in cross country skiing make this the perfect mindfulness workout too.
And as if that weren't enough to tempt you, another plus is that you don't need to use chairlifts or gondola to access trails and eat into your budget. So, you can cut down on queuing times and save a bit of holiday cash at the same time!

Cross country ski – off-piste

One of the great things about this sport is that it allows you to get off-piste, away from the hustle and bustle, so you can soak up the more tranquil areas surrounding the resorts, and Andorra has so much to explore. At just 468 square kilometres, Andorra is a real pocket-sized paradise, but it more than punches above its weight in stunning scenery, making it the ideal choice for a cross country ski. The fact that it's so small means it's easy to get around and visit the various options available to visitors.

If you're cross-country skiing in Andorra, Naturland might just be your first port of call. Located in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, some 2,000 metres above sea level, it boasts an impressive 15 kilometres of trails dedicated exclusively to cross country skiing. With a range of levels to suit every skier, from novices to cross country veterans, all trails are perfectly signposted, and you can book a monitor if you feel the need for a bit extra guidance to get you started.
Grandvalira is Andorra's most sprawling ski resort, with plenty of activities to keep winter-sports lovers more than entertained. The scenery at Grau Roig, Granvalira's cross country section is absolutely stunning, and the cross-country trails here take you out into glorious forests of pine trees, pristine lakes and vast, snowy landscapes. With trails suitable for all levels, starting from six years old, it's the perfect destination for the whole family.

So, what are you waiting for? Cross country skiing Andorra-style - the perfect way to enjoy a Pyrenean paradise that's a haven for snow-lovers everywhere.

Skimo and snowshoe circuits through La Rabassa

As well as cross-country skiing, at Naturland you can also enjoy several signposted ski and snowshoe circuits, which will take you to various points in the La Rabassa region, such as the bunkers, Pimes refuge and Port Negre.

Other centre activities

There are also many other activities you can try at Naturland aside from skiing, such as going out on Snow Scooters or Moon Bikes, hurtling down the Tobotronc, having a go at the squirrel circuit or whizzing through the woods on the Sled Adventure Tour, a sled with capacity for up to nine people driven by a snowmobile. Other options available to enjoy include Airtrekk, the largest Sky Trail in Europe, comprising a structure made up of ten towers and three height levels with several circuits of ropes and walkways, and plenty more. There really is an activity for everyone: sledges, electric vehicles, ponies, children’s craft workshops, zip wire, archery and horse trails, among others.

Finally, the resort also offers evening outings on certain designated winter days, with the option of adding dinner at Borda de Conangle restaurant. The outings can be done on Snow Scooters or Moon Bikes. 

You can find all the details on the website.

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