Caldea, the thermal andorran spa


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Since it opened its doors in 1994, Andorra's Caldea spa has become a leading site for tourism. Its revolutionary thermal spring leisure concept and its spectacular facilities have turned it into one of the Principality's leading attractions. It is currently the largest spa centre in Southern Europe: over 40,000 m2 to relax in a stress-free atmosphere. 

Thermal waters for fun

The Caldea spa centre is an innovative and original spa, as its Escaldes-Engordany facilities combine the concepts of wellness, health and fun, to offer “thermal spa leisure”. Natural waters, which feature prominently, gush from the earth at 70 ºC and are rich in sulphur (S) and other mineral elements, such as sodium (Na), sulphates (SO4) and calcium (Ca), among others. Some of its health benefits include its healing, decongestant and anti-allergy qualities. 

But the real innovation is the way visitors can enjoy the thermal spring waters. Waterfalls, jacuzzis, hydromassage jets and many other forms of application, offering instant relaxation and wellness.

Spaces and services

Caldea's mega spa complex is organised around 4 spas: the Thermal Spring Leisure Spa, the Inúu spa, the Origins Spa and the Likids spa. The former contains a large indoor lake with thermal spring water at a temperature between 32 ºC and 34 ºC and an area with Indo-Roman baths, where visitors can enjoy the health benefits of contrasting temperatures. The Thermal Spring Leisure Space also offers fitness services, such as aquamassage and saunas with relaxing lighting. There is also an outdoor chill-out area with mountain views.

The Origins spa offers a variety of thermal baths, including its Aztec bath, its grapefruit bath and its outdoor jacuzzi with mountains views, among others. There is also a Turkish bath and sauna, and an outdoor solarium to relax in. 

Likids: a spa for kids

If all that were not enough, Caldea's leisure services also include activities for children aged 3 to 8. Specifically, the Likids spa, especially for younger children, where relaxation and fun go hand in hand. It has an activity area where children are assisted by wellness technicians who will guide them through their first spa experience. Jacuzzis, workshops and shows are just some of the attractions at Likids for the youngest members of the family.

You can consult the Caldea website for prices, offers, times, hotels and any other details.

Relax on holiday with this range of thermal spa experiences to help you relax and recharge your batteries! 

Inúu: the epicentre of wellness

If total relaxation is what you crave, don't miss Inúu spa, the spa only for adults of caldea. Everything about it focuses on one thing only: your wellness. The minute you walk through the door you'll feel like time has come to a halt. Within its facilities there exists nothing but peace and relaxation.

This is achieved thanks to an indoor and an outdoor thermal water pool featuring waterfalls, swan necks, water seats and water jets that massage different parts of your body. The offer is rounded off with a gym, a treatment cabin area and a relaxation area with heated lounge chairs. You deserve to pamper yourself a bit!

Revolutionise your senses at the Origins spa

The Origins Spa is an enticing choice that will leave you feeling as good as new. Every step you take is filled with amazing surprises. You'll find all kinds of themed sensory baths, such as the delicate grapefruit bath, where you can exfoliate your skin using the fruits floating in the water. You'll surely also be seduced by the Aztec bath: the stones that make up its floor will massage your feet and improve the blood flow, which is beyond doubt the best thing you could do for them.

After that, you can further increase your relaxation in the Turkish bath, the sauna or the outdoor jacuzzis, where you can admire the natural landscape while you enjoy an unforgettable experience. The Origins Space also has an indoor terrace where you can enjoy a refreshing drink. You won't need a single thing.

Thermal Spring Leisure: a thermal itinerary for the whole family

Thermal Spring Leisure Spa is the very essence of Caldea: a huge spa of Caldea. Its facilities house an endless array of options and surprises that will make time fly by. Its main area is the large indoor lake. As well as its thermal waters, whose temperature ranges from 32 ºC to 34 ºC, you'll discover all of the other possibilities that it has in store.

If you're not afraid of temperature contrasts, drop by the outdoor lake, whose thermal waters are only rivalled by the spectacular view of the mountains. The Indo-Roman baths, as well as the sauna and Icelandic, Sirocco and Turkish baths, are a few more examples of the options offered by the Thermal Spring Leisure Space, where you can enjoy water in all its states.

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