Merendero del Ribalò picnic area, Andorra la Vella

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The big advantage of the Merendero del Ribalò picnic area is that it is close to the centre of Andorra la Vella, the country’s capital city. Specifically, it is found on the highest part of Carrer Gil Torres, at an altitude of 1,040 metres. This is a park-style picnic area, with wooden tables and benches attached, right next to a large car park with access for all kinds of vehicles, including camper vans. Please note that this street is subject to regulated parking hours.

Although there is no barbecue here, the Merendero del Ribalò picnic area does boast five tables with seats and a drinking fountain, to quench your thirst and fill up your bottles. If you fancy a barbecue, head to the Merendero Nuevo or Merendero Viejo, where you can grill your food on one of numerous barbecues.

Before visiting a picnic site, check its status at the tourist information office of the parish in question.

In the event of an incident, call 112.

Finally, we also wanted to let you know that Andorra has more than 50 picnic and snack areas spread across all the parishes. Click on the link below and pick the one you like the look of most!

Check out the state of the country’s picnic areas at this link.

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