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Ordino Arcalís offers you the chance to enjoy some of the most spectacular views of Andorra and the Pyrenees from the Tristaina solar viewpoint. Located on the peak of Peyreguils (2,701 m) near the border with France, the viewpoint is surrounded by the rest of the peaks that make up the Tristaina cirque: Costa Rodona, Tristaina, Creussans and Cabanyó.

The Tristaina viewpoint, a spherical suspension platform with a diameter of 25 metres, is a superb observation spot overlooking the lakes of the same name and the Ordino Valley. It couldn’t be easier to enjoy the views to be enjoyed at this superb location, you just need to take the Tristaina cable car and the Creussans chair lift, which drop you off just a few metres from the viewpoint.


The viewpoint also works as a sundial, with the central mast, 27 metres tall, at a 42.55º angle, marking the time.

The name “solar viewpoint” also refers to the natural phenomenon that can only be seen once a year at Pic d’Arcalís. On 7 August, at 7:37 a.m., the sun will be visible for 3 minutes through a large hole between the rocks This extraordinary event is also why the mountain is also known as the Solar Mountain.

To reach the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint, a few options are available. The quickest way that is most accessible for everyone is to use the Tristaina cable car + Creussans chair lift pass. If you’d rather walk, you can choose one of the routes with lifts (cable car or chair lift) and from there continue on foot from the Coma area (where the lifts will drop you off), taking the pathway towards Estany de Creussans and Port de Creussans, to reach Pic de Peyreguils, where the viewpoint is located.

You’ll find all the information, with opening hours, ascent and descent combinations and prices to access the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint on the Ordino Arcalís website.

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