Canyoning: Ensegur

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1700 m




+250 m / -250 m

It is 1,700 metres long and 250 metres high. The course of the river presents a succession of small ramps and jumps with a lot of flow and which may be delicate due to the numerous trunks and branches we find in the stream. The slippery rock and the temperature of the water are complications on the descent. The access takes 1.15 hours from the village of Ordino, on the General Highway 3, until Llorts.

The car can be left in the car park at the entrance to the village. From the Hermitage of Sant Serni we cross the road and go up a wide track to the bridge crossing the river Valira del Nord. Then there is a wide path to the left marked with white and red marks until (to the right) we come to a path marked with yellow spots and a signpost to Bordes d’Ensegur. We go up this path to the head of the canyon, crossing the river on a wooden walkway to take the path to the stream. The canyon takes about 2-3 hours. The return (15 minutes) is done from the wooden walkway mentioned before and going back the way we came to Llorts.

The start of the route is at 42° 35' 46",01° 31' 35".

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