Canyoning: Encodina

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280 m




+50 m / -50 m

It is 280 metres long and 50 metres high. The last succession of gorges in this canyon may be difficult if there is a strong flow, as whirlpools tend to form. Special care must be taken if there is a lot of water. This section of the stream can be avoided by going down the left-hand bank. As the abseils come in quick succession, it is also possible to avoid the gulleys if we install ropes. Access is in 10 minutes from Ordino on General Highway 3, passing through the villages of la Cortinada, Llorts and El Serrat. We carry on to the Ordino Arcalís ski resort and, to the right, soon leave the road that goes to the Sorteny Nature Park. We continue climbing until, on the left of the road, we come to the Encodina leisure area, where we leave the vehicle to start walking. Here there is a track parallel to the road which we take until, after a small descent, we have to follow the course of the river.

The canyon is done in about 45 minutes – 1 hour. The return (10 minutes) comes after the final gorges, taking the path to the left until the track which we have passed on our approach.

We follow it to the right and after a few metres there is the leisure area where we left the car. The start of the route on foot is at point 42° 37' 30",01° 31' 41".

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