Recreation Trail: Tristaina short-distance route






17 km

Start the route at El Serrat, at the car park of the Sorteny Valley Natural Park. Cross the small town centre to reach the road, and there you will find the  GR signs, which you will follow along the path, gently ascending, parallel to the River Tristaina, until you cross under the Pont de Castella bridge. When you come out of the subway and you will do a short flat section along a wide track, until you find a signposted path to the right of the track indicating the “Camí dels Estanys”.

At this point you will begin to climb more intensely, along the path again. and Leaving the trees behind, you will reach the first lake, going around its right side to gradually to get closer to the next lakes.

Leave behind the Estany de Més Amunt, the largest lake, to tackle the imposing final side, towards Port de l’Arbella. Before arriving there, we will go along the left side, already below the pyramid of the summit, to go straight along the ridge through a small slit. You will reach the summit through this slit, and here you will find a large landmark indicating this.

Begin the descent carefully, along the edge, where you should proceed with caution and help yourself using your hands at some points. You will reach a small hill, where you will see a milestone. Leave the ridge to look for the path, through pasture, through the Andorran side, with views of the lakes, always looking ahead to the path that you will go find. Once on it, returning to the lakes, this time on the opposite side, until the entrance to the first lake, where you will link to the path you did at the beginning, to cross the Pont de Castella again and do the last stretch, the easiest in a gentle descent, to return to the town and return to the car park again.

WATER:  El Serrat / Font de Tristaina (below the lakes) km.


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