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17 km



Route with three very different sections. The first is a gradual climb along the track until Pic d’Enclar. An intermediate section along a ridge with some technical parts where, without any danger, we will need to use our hands. And a third quick downhill sector that takes us back to the start.

We begin the route in front of the church in Sispony and we cover the first 500 metres long the cobblestone streets of the town, until we reach the GRP signs where we take a right and start up the continuous, but very progressive, track until we leave behind the Bordes de Fenerols and further on, the Refugi de Sispony (open by telephone booking only). Not long after the shelter, we cross the stream and turn to the right, first along the path and then the track, which offers us a steep climb until Collada de Montaner.

The hill is the border with Catalonia, and right alongside the vertical direction marker, we take a left, to start the climb to Pic d’Enclar. First we follow the GRP, but as we leave the forest we take a right to climb directly up to the geodesic point. There are fantastic views from the summit and as we take a left in the distance we can see the antennas of Pic de Carroi. To get there, we have to cross a section of scree, still following the yellow markers and landmarks that indicate the right path, where we will have to use our hands. There are not very high paths, and the rock makes for a safe crossing.

Once at Pic de Carroi, we leave the antennas behind and quickly start the descent along the access track, which will make us work our legs due to the steep slope. Quickly losing altitude, shortly after crossing the stream once again, we reach a stretch of asphalt that access the bordes, which we follow for the last kilometre, until reaching the starting point.

WATER: Sispony / During the route there is only water for cooling off in Torrent de Montaner.

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