Recreation Trail: Perafita shelter short-distance route

Circuit curta distància Refugi de Perafita

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Start the route at the Escaldes-Engordany Tourist Office, and initially you will go up Avinguda Carlemany until finding the River Madriu, which you will cross via a bridge. Now on cobbled streets you will find a sign for the “Camí de la Muntanya”, a steep path with lots of shade signposted as GR. Cross the La Comella road carefully, to continue going up along a smooth track parallel to the River Madriu, until you reach the Bordes d’Entremesaigües. Turn right to cross the bridge over the river and enter the Perafita Valley.

Always always descending along the path beside the River Perafita, you will reach an elevation of 2050 m, where, in a small clearing, you will see a sign indicating a turn to the right towards the Claror shelter. Cross the river still in the woods, to follow the yellow points that will take you across the River Claror and to start the ascent, through meadow, up to Tolls de l’Olla, at the foot of the Claror shelter.

At this point, to the left you will see the path, marked as GRP, which you will look for by drawing a straight line through the meadow to we find it. You will follow it uphill to reach the spectacular Estany de la Nou. After the small pass that you will find, you will be able to make out the Perafita Valley, and you will start the descent to the Perafita shelter. A bit further on you will see the shepherd’s hut. Next to it, you will find the yellow points that will take us to the forest, with a rapid descent with sections of steep slopes, which in a short time will have us cross the River Madriu to reach the Bordes de Ramio.

Turn left to pick up the GR again, always downhill, and again you’ll pass the Bordes d’Entremesaigües and retrace the initial kilometres of the route to return to the streets of the town and your starting point.

WATER: Escaldes Engordany, Entremesaigües km 3.6

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