Recreation Trail: Juclar long-distance route

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38 km



During the route, you will pass through different free shelters where you can seek refuge in case of sudden changes in the weather.

You will find an area with chains before reaching the Juclar shelter, where, in spite of the lack of technical difficulty, the chains will help you negotiate the route.

Start the route in front of the Canillo Tourist Office, in the town centre, crossing the Valira d’Orient river and doing the first kilometer along the walkway, until you find the path that will take you up steeply along a forest path, right to the Riba Escorxada free shelter, within the Soldeu-El Tarter winter resort. At this point, you will go up to Tossal de la Llosada, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding area. Start the descent, first by following the ski lifts, and then in the forest, down to Soldeu, where you will cross the road, exercising caution, to find the track next to a building, which will quickly go into the forest. Without any breaks, it will ascend to the highest elevation on the route, 2565 metres at Port Dret, where you will find the GR signs, which you will follow to the left.

This stretch is narrow, with a tendency to descend without difficulty until you see the Estany de Baix lake. Following the GR, you will pass very close to the Siscaró unmanned shelter, without reaching it. Without leaving the GR at any time, you will pass through an area with chains that is not too difficult, but they will be very helpful if you find this section to be wet, before reaching the junction that will take us to the Juclar manned shelter. At this point you can decide whether to turn left or continue to the refuge, the recommended option, where you can get provisions and enjoy the view of Juclar lake.

Retrace the section up to the junction and, following to the right, over alpine terrain, make a short ascent to start the descent to the Cabana Sorda unmanned shelter, next to the lake of the same name. Turn left and continue going down to reach the,  Incles Valley road, which you will cross, and then pass the River Incles and continue going down parallel to the river to the Pont d’Incles bridge, where you will come out on the road. Exercise particular caution at this point.

Go for about 200 metres along the pavement at the side of the road, heading up towards Soldeu, to descend to the river along a track once you leave behind the first buildings. Once you cross the Valira d’Orient river, you will enter the Camí de l’Obac Nature Route, which usually descends alongside the river. This will take you back to Canillo along the walkway that you used on the way out and you will finish the route in front of the Tourist Office.

WATER: Canillo, Soldeu (km 11), Juclar shelter (km 24), various streams and ponds where you can access water.

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