Recreation Trail: Ensagents: Mid-length Trek

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The section between the Coll dels Agols and the Coll de Pessons is along a ridge: it’s a rough path, but not a dangerous one. The trail is for guidance in this section, as the area can change from one summer to the next due to bad winter weather.

There’s no water available between the Refugi dels Agols and the Refugi d'Ensagents. Start out in front of the Tourist Office, and follow the GR to Engolasters, which you’ll reach after the climbing the first slope. This is the beginning of a 3 km flat section along the ‘Carretera de les Pardines’. Once past the tunnel, you’ll see a sign on the right showing the route to follow to the Refugi dels Agols - it’s in very good condition. Keep on going up, through forest at first, and then over alpine meadows until you get to the Coll dels Agols.

At this point, you’ll leave the path and start following the ridge, at times along a trail that isn’t very well marked, and at others through rocky areas. Look for the best path, always using the track as your reference point.

This will bring you to the Collada de Pessons, where you’ll find a sign, and then you’ll begin to descend following the markers, first through meadows and a bit later along a clear path that will take you past the Refugi d'Ensagents. This shelter is also in very good condition: here you’ll find water, and you’ll be able to use it for refuge in case of bad weather.

Following the clear path, you’ll come to Cortals d’Encamp; cross the road and keep an eye out for the Funicamp tower, where you’ll link up with the clearly marked path that leads quickly down. Keep the village in sight until you get to the Estació del Funicamp where you started out.

WATER. All services in Encamp. Fountain at the Agols Shelter. Fountain at the Ensagents Shelter. Streams and lakes where you can cool down.

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EGHUT Apartments Com Casa

The Com Casa apartments have a capacity for up to 4 people and are located in the parish of Encamp, alongside the Funicamp lift.

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Hotel Oros

The Oros is well-placed on the main avenue of the village of Encamp. 

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EGHUT Apartments Engaït

The Engaït apartments are located in Pas de la Casa.

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EGHUT Vip Rent Ap

If you are looking for upscale accommodation, then the EGHUT Vip Rent Ap apartments are just what you need! A chalet, rural home or cosy apartment, the decision is yours!

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Borda del Mollà

Surrounded by nature, the Borda del Mollà is an excellent option of Andorran rural tourism.

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Agols Hut

The Agols Hut is on the right of the els Agols river under the Cap de Montuell, in the parish of Encamp. 

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