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Sustainable cycling in Vallnord-Pal Arinsal. The resort is fully aware of its duty towards environmental protection, and so it offers several e-biking circuits using renewable energy. Suitable for all levels, they are spread across the two sectors of the station: Pal and Arinsal.

E-biking circuits in Arinsal

In Arinsal sector, there are two circuits set up for riding your electric bike: one uphill and the other downhill. The ascent route starts from near the Tossa chairlift and goes up to the Xalet Igloo restaurant —located at an altitude of about 2300 m—, while the descent route starts out from the Xalet Igloo restaurant and descends down to the La Tossa chairlift, passing through the Turer pass, located at an altitude of 2148 m. The route passes through a pasture area.

E-biking circuits in Pal

You can also practise this fun type of sustainable cycling in Pal: there are several routes, spread across the areas of the plateau and Coll de la Botella. All itineraries are differentiated according to the degree of difficulty

You can reach the area using the Pal Arinsal cable car, which runs from Coll de la Botella to Port Negre.

Come to Vallnord-Pal Arinsal and enjoy sustainable cycling!

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The Hotel Comapedrosa d’Arinsal is located at the foot of the Vallnord-Pal Arinsal ski resort slopes and has a stone-walled mountain style. 

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EGHUT Gestwork

The two Gestwork apartments are located in Ordino and La Massana and can each accommodate six people.

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EGHUT SuiteDreams

The seven SuiteDreams apartments are located in the parishes of Escaldes-Engordany, La Massana and Canillo.

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Hotel Rutllan

The 4-star Hotel Rutllan is 20 metres away from the La Massana cable car rising to the Vallnord ski resorts. 

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Hotel del Pui

The 4-star Hotel del Pui is under 100 metres from the La Massana cable car at the foot of the Vallnord slopes. 

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Hotel Marco Polo

The Hotel Marco Polo lies in the centre of La Massana, 5 Km from Andorra la Vella and its famous shopping.

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