Pont de la Margineda viewpoint

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This viewpoint presents the riverside forests where the trees grow alongside the rivers and streams. The main trees of this forest are the common alder with its straight trunk and smooth bark up to 20 metres high, and the large-leaved fraxinus, which can reach heights of 30 metres. The walnut tree and willow are also present.

Another interesting point here is the rock flora. You will see species of plant life that have had to adapt to the lack of water and soil in the cracks of the rocks. The most common are the ferns, of which there are 3 types that grow in this habitat: the maidenhair spleenwort, the thin spleenwort and the black spleenwort.

You can also enjoy the river birds. You can listening to the white wagtail chirping on the river stones, and the Eurasian wren on the bushes. Another interesting point of the birdlife of this viewpoint is that in the winter months you can see the migration of the large cormorant. 

This viewpoint is adapted to facilitate universal accessibility and information. It offers content in Braille, palpable reliefs and QR codes, which offer descriptions in signs language and locutions for people with visual and hearing disabilities in various languages. In addition, its design allows the access of people with reduced mobility.

You will find more information about this and other guided walking routes in the Andorra Mountain Guide.


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