MTB Trail 62 Sant Julià de Lòria - Llumeneres

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11 km




+565 m / -565 m

This 11 km mountain bike route with 565 m in elevation difference is of high difficulty.

The Sant Julià de Lòria Tourist Office on Av. Verge de Canòlich, right where the Rabasa road begins, is where this 11 km circular route departs. It is highly difficult, not just because of its 565 m in total elevation difference but also because of the natural areas where there are some technical sections with an advanced difficulty level. We therefore recommend this route for experienced cyclists who have good technical skills.

We start the ascent on the Rabasa road for 1 km, and from there take the Peguera road another 3.5 km, passing by the Church of Sant Pere d’Aixirivall. This example of classic Pyrenees Romanesque art is worthy of spending a few minutes. After passing a natural fountain, perfect for a water break, we come to the entrance of Camí Font del Fontanal; this last 1.5 of uphill will be on a dirt path to the route’s highest point at 1,475 m of elevation. There we start our first technical descent through Cortals de Llumeneres. It is a technical descent requiring extreme precaution! After crossing the L’Escobet River we come to a technical ascent through farmyards offering a spectacular view of the entire parish. It’s a good place for a water break while enjoying the views, before continuing with another technical descent over solid rock that brings us to the waterfall on the Llumeneres River, a must-stop photo op! The waterfall is located just before you enter the village of Llumeneres.

At this point you’ve gone 8 km, and there is a very short downhill section on the Nagol road. Pay special attention to the route signs and your GPS, because we’re going to combine road sections with some natural areas. The first is a technical section that brings us to the 11th century Church of Sant Cerni de Nagol, with original painting and spectacular views! Just a few meters further down we have another natural entrance that puts us back on the Nagol road, which we take to the last technical section before descending to Sant Julià. Once on the road you just have to follow it carefully down to the Tourism Office, which is the end of the route.

You will finish the route in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Suitable for mountain biking and E-bike.

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