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"We Are Mountain" is part of the "Moments: Wellness Walks” itinerary and is aimed at families who are looking to spend some time together by sharing calmness and empathy while surrounded by nature. “We Are Mountain" is an invitation to discover emotions and values in natural surroundings. The experience takes in the Rialb Valley, which is located near the Sorteny Valley Natural Park.

Departing from an easily accessible central point, the experience works on developing positive emotions such as well-being, fun, gratitude and empathy, among others. To further delve into these feelings, you will have to approach seven locations associated with an emotion or value, which bear the names of the highest peaks in the parish.

“Som Muntanya” (We are Mountain) has been designed as an orienteering circuit. There is about 200 metres between each point, giving you a pleasant walk in the middle of the valley.

In order to complete "We Are Mountain", each family will have a haversack containing a handkerchief printed with all the information needed to carry out each activity, in addition to a short guide on how to be more environmentally friendly. The route is suitable for children between the ages of six and twelve.

You can reach the beginning of We are Mountain via the Rialb road, passing the snack bars and the metal fence to block animals. On the levelled area, the starting point is marked by a coloured iron bar, at the foot of which is the sign to start the activity.

The best time of year to go on the “We Are Mountain” walk is mid-spring, summer and autumn, but it can also be done in winter. Whichever season you choose, make sure you are properly equipped (suitable shoes and clothing) and check the day’s weather conditions before you head out.

The “We Are Mountain” route, part of the “Moments: Wellness Walk” itinerary, can only be booked at the Ordino Tourist Information Office or at the Sorteny information cabin, where you can find out the steps to follow. The activity costs €20 per family.


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