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Don't wait any longer to hike up the most emblematic peaks of Ordino and complete the Ordino “Estripagecs” Challenge! Climb beyond 2,700 metres where you will find “estripagecs”, iron bars that used to protect windows against thieves who would try to break into homes, and now, have become a reference point for these 6 mountain peaks, which will surely delight you with its views.

Among these peaks we can find:

  • Casamanya Peak located at the centre of the country at an altitude of 2,740 m, between the Ordino and Canillo parishes, offering 360º views of the entire Andorran territory.
  • At an altitude of 2,915 m, Estanyó Peak forms part of the Sorteny Nature Park where you can discover a great diversity of grazing animals, lakes and numerous mountain refuges.
  • Serrera Peak, on the other hand, is one of the highest peaks in the country with an altitude of 2,913 m and an elevation change of 1,133 m, passing through the GRP (Gran Recorregut del País) long-distance hiking trail that was used for transporting iron throughout the 17th century and until the 19th century during the country's iron-ore mining boom. Once you make it to the top, the peak becomes a magnificent observatory highlighting the view of Andorran summits and, just beyond the Andorran borders, you will also see Pica d'Estats and the Maladeta Massif.
  • Font Blanca Peak can be recognised by its spectacular 360º views of the Andorran territory with Sorteny Valley and those of our neighbour France, at an altitude of more than 2,900m and with a 1,050 m positive elevation change.
  • Tristaina Peak passes through an itinerary noted for its easy accessibility, which is formed by steep, picturesque terrains that will let you discover more characteristic high-mountain spots.  Tristaina itself is formed by 3 lakes located at different levels of the itinerary. The first lake is at 2,250 m, the middle lake at 2,300 m, and the highest lake with the largest surface area—located in a cirque glacier formed by the slopes of Tristaina Peak—is the final stop before conquering the summit at 2,878 m.
  • Cataperdís Peak offers a route packed with magnificent views of the lakes of Angonella, the Coma del Forat and Soulcern Lake Valley basins. The Summit is located at 2,805 m with a route of approximately 3 hours, there and back.

Rise to this new challenge, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience full of mountain adventures!

Download the Ordino "Estripagecs" guide in PDF

Further information and contact: http://www.ordino.ad/ 

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