Drive like an F1 racer with Circuit Andorra

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Port d'Envalira
Pas de la Casa

(+376 ) 327 357

This summer, put your driving skills to the test by taking a spin on the fastest circuit in Andorra. Located in Port d’Envalira, just a few kilometres from Pas de la Casa, the circuit is used for ice racing in winter but now that the snow and low temperatures have departed, it’s ready to kick off the programme of summer activities.  Circuit Andorra offers you an adrenaline-packed summer and the opportunity to enjoy a unique high-speed experience at the controls of a motorbike, car or kart!

Adrenaline-filled turns
If you’re into motorbikes, don't miss the opportunity to ride at high speed around Circuit Andorra. There are four different categories: Pit bike; bikes with larger capacities, such as Super Motard 270 and Super Biker 450; or if you’d prefer to perfect your technique, you can book a 90-minute riding course with an instructor. Motorbike riding is suitable for all levels and is only available during the summer months.

Drive a kart at full speed!
On a circuit that’s nearly 1000 metres long, you’ll really be able to burn rubber! Because at Circuit Andorra, everything’s geared towards making sure you have an amazing time. Come and try this fun circuit filled with curves and turns that will make you feel like a real F1 driver. This activity is only available from 7 July to 7 September.

Learn to drive like a true professional at Circuit Andorra
Do you still have some questions about road safety, or would you like to learn how to drive your vehicle in a sporty way? With Circuit Andorra's professional driving courses, you’ll refresh your driving knowledge and learn how to control your car in any situation you may encounter on the road. And if you want to inject a little fun, sign up for a sports driving course and learn how to execute the best skids!

But that's not all: Circuit Andorra wants you to have an experience that’s more complete than ever. That's why it also offers the passenger experience, which allows you to accompany professional drivers in front- or rear-wheel drive vehicles ranging from the Ford Focus and BMW Compact up to competition vehicles such as the Speed Car GT1000 – which weighs just 475 kg!

Now the little ones can drive too!
At Circuit Andorra they know that kids also like to get behind the wheel. That’s why they’ve created a whole series of activities for little ones, to make sure the kids enjoy an unforgettable day out. They’ll be able to drive a real Lightning McQueen, ride in a two-seater accompanied by an adult, jump on the bouncy castle and dive into the ball pit!


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