Coll d’Ordino Vantage Point

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The Coll d’Ordino vantage point is found at 1,980 m above sea level, at the side of the Coll d’Ordino road.

A place that invites you to disconnect

Situated in a natural environment, surrounded by trees and vegetation, you can contemplate the landscape whilst enjoying the peace and quiet that permeates this spot. The vantage point has a wide area for parking your car and an interpretation board telling you all about the plants and animals around you.

When it comes to scenery, this vantage point has a spectacular panoramic view across the Vall d’Orient and towards the parish of Canillo and Encamp.

You can also go on a short walk from the vantage point. A little less than 2 km long, follow the "Tomb de les Neres" trail up to the peak of Bony de les Neres, at 2,200 m above sea level!

Although you can access the vantage point all year round, please note that due to the accumulation of snow in the winter months, road access is not always possible. However, if that's the case, you can get there by snowshoeing or ski mountaineering.

The Coll d’Ordino vantage point is found at the 10 km way marker on the CS 340 road. 

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