Andorra Comapedrosa Starlight la Massana

We are tremendously happy to have one of the darkest and most starry skies in the Pyrenees. The quality of the sky over the Comapedrosa National Park and other natural spaces in La Massana offers exceptional conditions for practising astronomy. Very low light pollution, together with the low population density and the population distribution around small- and medium-sized settlements, are qualities that have granted us the recognition of Starlight Destination and Reserve, a seal of international prestige that recognises us as a destination for astronomy.

The exceptional conditions of La Massana’s skies are a singular and exclusive fact that allows astronomy to be explored further by both the seasoned amateur and those who want to start contemplating the stars and the wonder of the night sky.

The Andorra Comapedrosa programme offers tourists astronomy activities throughout the year and for all ages.

Stargazing Viewpoints

Although visiting the Comapedrosa National Park already guarantees you views of the sky in its immensity, you can also visit the two stargazing viewpoints in the parish. The Roc de la Sabina viewpoint in Arinsal and the Coll de la Botella viewpoint in Pal are perfect spots for stargazing. 


In the experienced hands of Starlight monitors and professional guides, you’ll observe the night sky in its full splendour and marvel at the beauty of the heavens. Observing with the naked eye, discovering the constellations and the mythology surrounding them, finding out about the best times of year for stargazing, and learning about the map of the night sky are just a few of the fascinating activities you’ll enjoy during an astronomical excursion.

Although it is not an excursion on foot, you should still wear suitable footwear and clothing, in view of the fact that the activity takes place at night. We also recommend that you bring a blanket or similar item to sit or lie on when you are on the ground.

Stargazing is an activity that is open to everyone, and has no age limits. Outings last 2 hours and take place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1 July to 8 September. Find out more at this link.

Astrophotography Workshops

The association of photographers of La Massana brings you astrophotography experiences. This night-time photography technique may at first glance seem complicated due to the characteristics of the moment, the material required and the procedures to follow, but it is not so complicated after all. With the help of expert photographers, you’ll explore the astronomy trails of La Massana, learning the principles and techniques that will allow you to photograph snapshots of the fantastic and captivating night sky.

Andorra Comapedrosa, La Massana Astronomy Festival

July is undoubtedly Andorra’s astronomy month par excellence, with the Andorra Comapedrosa Astronomy Festival awaiting you in Arinsal. As a fan of the sky, you cannot miss the programme of activities organised for the occasion: talks, workshops for families, dinners at the Coll de la Botella, exhibition of material and curiosities from the world of astronomy, music under the stars, areas for telescopic observation and night-time outings. You can find the full programme at this link.

Astronomy at your leisure

If you’re keen on astronomy and want to expand your knowledge, you can contact our astronomy guides. They’ll offer you a unique and personalised experience that you’ll never forget. Find out about tailor-made outings at this link.

Open your eyes and let yourself be transported by the magic of the stars with some of the night-time stargazing activities in the Andorra Comapedrosa Starlight la Massana programme.


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