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Casa Raubert - c/ dels Camps, 1

(+376) 817 600

Casa Raubert dates from the 16th century, when it was a traditional farmhouse dedicated to agriculture, livestock farming and selling, and grazing. Today, it is Andorra’s leading cheese dairy.

The experts at Casa Raubert use their many years of experience to make the best formatges de pastor, or “shepherd’s cheeses”, using exclusively their own sheep’s milk. But the real difference between Casa Raubert products and other formatges de pastor is that Casa Raubert is home to Assaf sheep, one of the most valued and appreciated breeds thanks to the quality of its milk, which, as well as creating a special, unique taste in its products, offers a host of health benefits (it contains 20% more omega-6 and less saturated fats!).

Discover its products:

Every one of Casa Raubert’s exquisite products, made by a family that has been farming for generations, epitomises the values of simplicity and tradition. Take a look at the selection of artisanal cheeses available below:

The products made by Casa Raubert include hard cheeses like Orri, Conlloc and Pletiu; fresh cheeses such as Cossol (perfect with a sweet or savoury accompaniment); curd cheeses (the lowest in fat content) like the famous Mató; spreadable cheeses (the most versatile category, combined with walnuts, paprika and pine nuts, tomato or Andorran herbs) such as Empriu; Boïga (matured at 5–10 degrees); and finally, yoghurt made with the creamiest milk. A wide variety of products that will please even the most exacting palates!

And Casa Raubert has a little tip for connoisseurs: soft cheeses should be paired with a light wine, while a hard cheese combined with a strong wine creates the perfect contrast of flavours!

Guided tours:

If you want to find out more about the wonderful, delicious world of cheese, Casa Raubert offers guided tours for groups of 8 to 15 people. Advance booking is required.

If you are a cheese lover, Casa Raubert is a must-visit!

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