Getaways with the children in Andorra

Organising a family trip can be a challenge. One of the potential headaches is in choosing a hotel where the children will enjoy themselves and parents can relax, with activities you can enjoy together as a family. Visitandorra has lots of ideas for you to plan a getaway with your children so you can all enjoy a great weekend of adventure and fun. If you want to discover everything that Andorra has to offer, read on!

What to do with the children in Andorra?

Now is the time to start looking for activities everyone can enjoy. It is true that planning a rural getaway with children can sometimes be complicated to organise if you want to avoid the same old plans in the mountains.

We have lots of great ideas for things to do in Andorra with children so that parents and children alike will have as much fun as possible. 


Rural tourism with children

If you are travelling to Andorra with children for the first time, a bit of sightseeing is a must. However, rural tourism can get be tedious even for adults. Here are some of the most interesting places for rural tourism when travelling with children!

Discover the nature of Andorra and look for the Tamarro. The Tamarros represent the protectors of nature in Andorra. There are seven of them, which are scattered throughout the country; finding them can be quite an adventure for the whole family! This activity will motivate children to get on board with rural tourism while learning about how to preserve nature as they explore the Tamarros. 

On the other hand, another option you won’t want to miss are the trails at Macarulla. These magical little routes are easy to follow and packed full of activities and surprises that will stimulate the creativity and imagination of the little ones. 

Another essential activity if you are looking for a rural getaway with children, is to discover the lakes and ponds of Andorra. You will find numerous routes and activities to enjoy a day in the mountains with your family.


Activities for children in Andorra

On top of all the natural landscapes, parks and mountains, Andorra has much more to offer. There’s no end of activities for children. Let the fun begin!

A must-see if you are travelling to Andorra with children: Caldea. At this wellness centre, you can find a zone specially designed for kids to have fun while you relax too. Caldea offers a children's spa, called Likids where they can have their first spa experience with a wide variety of facilities. This spa is perfectly designed and adapted for children. 

Another activity you won’t want to miss out on your trip is the Tobotronc. This spectacular slide is located in Naturland, an eco-park where you can find many more activities and adventures to enjoy with the children.

Of course, there’s plenty to do aside from seeing nature. If your family is up for an adventure, we recommend you try the zip-line circuits, lianas and wooden bridges to top off your rural getaway with children. You can find it in the Engolasters Adventure Forest. Will you be able to complete the circuit from tree to tree, overcoming all the obstacles?

More activities for children in Andorra

Andorra in summer with children

Plans in Andorra can vary greatly depending on the season. Visiting Andorra in summer with children opens up many possibilities, such as those mentioned above. 

At this time of year, the best thing is to soak up all the nature and landscapes that Andorra has to offer. Organising small, fun hiking trails can be a good option.

However, you can also take a trip to one of Andorra's adventure centres. Each offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy on a getaway with children.

You will enjoy everything from trampolines to the chance to go canoeing, choose the centre of your choice!

Summer activities with children:

Winter getaways in the snow with children

A getaway in the snow with children is a fun way to break away from city routine and do something different. As well as learning to ski, there are many more ways to enjoy the snow with the family in Andorra. 

One of the most fun snow activities everyone can enjoy is Tubing in Grandvalira. Descend a giant inflatable tube down the slope, on one of several circuits offered by Grandvalira: ready for a wild ride?

If it’s a thrill you're looking for, try out the Big Zip. This giant zip line can be enjoyed in both winter and summer and is suitable for all ages, as it has a circuit adapted for children. 

Finally, we offer you a completely different way of discovering Andorra: Ride through various circuits on a dog sled! Mushing in Grandvalira offers two routes where you can enjoy this picturesque ride. You can also drive the sledge yourself. 

More winter activities with children:

Accommodation in Andorra with children

Andorra is an ideal destination for family trips thanks to its wide range of leisure and accommodation options. As we mentioned at the beginning, finding accommodation where the children can have a great time while you share in some family time, or even where you can relax and switch off, is not always an easy task. One of the reasons why travelling to Andorra with children is ideal is precisely because of the wide range of child-friendly accommodation available. 

One of our first recommendations for a weekend getaway with children is the Hotel Grand Plaza & Wellness Hotel.

This hotel is located in the centre of Andorra la Vella. On top of its magnificent location, it has themed rooms fully adapted for children.

It is easily one of the best places to stay with your youngsters.

Another wonderful option surrounded by nature is the tranquil Hotel Nórdic. It is located in El Tarter, at the foot of the Grandvalira slopes. This hotel has facilities that are a must for a getaway with children, such as a swimming pool, games room and even a babysitting service. 

There are many more options for accommodation, and you're sure to find one that will perfectly suit your plans for your trip to Andorra with the children:



 If you’re looking for a destination for a getaway with your children this year, don’t think twice, Andorra has everything you need to have a fantastic time. From nature activities to spa days for the whole family. Why wait? Book a trip with your children to Andorra!