Made in Andorra gastronomy

Andorra is a country which even to this day retains customs that are firmly rooted in livestock farming and agriculture. Our natural environment and proximity to France and Spain have left their mark on our tradition and know-how. The legacy of these deeply rooted customs lies in the hands of our local producers, who are ready to show you how we work hand in hand with tradition. Authentic local cuisine!

Made in Andorra products

The harsh environment and the altitude at which these vines are grown produce a unique and distinctive flavour in Andorran wines. We invite you to visit our vineyards, where you will be able to try the high-altitude wines produced in our country: Borda Sabaté 1944Casa BealCasa AuvinyàMas Berenguer and Casus Belli.
The altitude and natural conditions of this unique environment also lend their qualities to other artisanal alcohol products, such as Ratassia de la Carmeta® liqueur; & AND, Boris and Alpha beers, and the mead produced by Asgard.

Meat is a traditional reference of our gastronomy. You will find beef with the "Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)" seal, as well as beef, lamb, goat, and horse meat with the "Meat of controlled quality of Andorra" seal at points of sale and restoration of the Principality. The Poltrand company sells foal meat.

Our table is also full of traditional sausages, handcrafted with top quality products. The recipes of our grandparents can still be found today in the traditional delicatessens workshops of Els Escaubells and Cal Jordi, where you can visit with tasting, a children's workshop or buy their products.

If you're a cheese-lover, make a note of these outstanding products to enjoy at home. In Escàs (La Massana), Casa Raubert creamery produces a wide range of specialties made with cow's and sheep's milk. They offer guided tours, pairings, tastings and workshops.
In Santa Coloma (Andorra la Vella), El Batall creamery makes cheeses with cow's milk. In addition to cottage cheese, spreadable cheeses and even fresh cheese. The creamery is also open to the public, with guided tours.

The richness of the Principality’s flora makes it an excellent location for the production of natural honey, which our producers then package so you can enjoy it at home. The hives managed by Naturalis, Casa Folch, Autèntic, and Le Souffle d’Adore are located high up in the mountains, where the bees work hard to produce exceptional high-altitude honey that will delight those with a sweet tooth. In addition to tastings and products to take home, Naturalis also offers guided tours of its apiaries, where you can learn about each stage of the production process.

The secret of the best jams can be found in the hands of our small producers. Thanks to their efforts, you can enjoy the sweetest version of the fruits of the forest. Marmalades, jams and jellies made using traditional recipes and 100% natural products grown in our country. Visit Casa Gendret to harvest the fruit and make your own jam, or even enjoy a jam-tasting at Rebost del Padrí or El Pastador after a visit to the old quarter of Sispony.

Who doesn't like chocolate? A visit to Xocland is a must for every gourmet. Here you will find chocolates of a range of intensities, reaching up to 70% or even 90% cocoa, as well as all types of pralines and truffles made on the premises. The activities on offer include children’s workshops, guided tours, tastings and even talks during which the master chocolatiers will tell you first-hand how they make these delicious treats.

In Andorra, coffee is a widespread and deeply rooted tradition. For many people, a cup of coffee is absolutely essential in the morning and after lunch. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the specialities that have been made for over half a century at Cafè el Conseller.

Eggs are an ingredient that is present in many different dishes. In Andorra there are several high-altitude farms that produce organic eggs of the very finest quality, laid by hens that graze with complete freedom in the heart of nature: L’Ou 1900, located in Montaup Valley, Agricultura Cal Jordi, in Ransol Valley, both in the parish of Canillo, and Can Sona in Fontaneda (Sant Julià de Lòria).

Another culinary creation offered by the Principality’s artisanal producers is fresh pasta: it is made in a variety of formats, along with different fillings, by the family-run company Pasta Natur at its factory in Andorra la Vella. 

Traditional high mountain bordes

Andorra’s location, situated right in the heart of the Pyrenees and with influences from its neighbouring countries, means that its gastronomy is is shaped above all by high-mountain cuisine. The country has numerous traditional bordes located in natural surroundings,where you can taste these products as well as our most famous dishes: escudella, trinxat, cold cuts and home-made cheese boards, roasted meats, and more.  You will enjoy the best of our cuisine in a welcoming environment and be made to feel like you were in your own home!



Like you’d made it at home

Would you like to learn how to prepare our dishes? If you love cooking and would like to know how to prepare our most traditional dishes, you’ll be pleased to know we have a recipe book that details the recipes and best-kept secrets of our chefs. You just need to pick the recipe you most fancy, gather the necessary ingredients, and get stuck in. You can enjoy the most traditional flavours in your own home!!



Experience our cuisine all year round

Throughout the year, Andorra organises different events in which cuisine, handicrafts and tradition fill our streets and squares. In winter, the traditional Christmas fairs such as the Santa Llúcia Fair, the Christmas Village and the Christmas markets add a joyful and colourful touch to the Christmas holidays. Autumn arrives with the Andorra la Vella Fair, which showcases local products and offers visitors a wide range of traditional flavours. In October, the livestock fairs in the capital and in Canillo remind us that livestock farming is still very much present in Andorra. From spring to autumn, on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month you will find traditional markets in every parish, such as the Mercat de la Vall in Andorra la Vella and the weekly markets in Encamp, Ordino and Sant Julià de Lòria.

Autumn and winter remind us that tradition is always present at our table, thanks to the events organised by restaurant owners throughout the country. Without a doubt, the Mostra gastronòmica in Ordino (November), Jornades de Cuina de Tardor and Andorra a Taula (November), La Massana Fogons (October), Ruta de la tapa (May) and Sabors d’estiu (July-August) offer excellent opportunities to try Andorran cuisine and local products. Further opportunities can be found during public celebrations and festivities, such as the Escudella de Sant Antoni (January), the popular botifarra sausage and sardine barbecues that take place in every parish during Carnival (February), the cakes and sweets that are made during Sant Joan (23 June), and the traditional roasted chestnuts.

What about you? Have you already enjoyed our Made in Andorra experience?