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Given the exceptional situation we are experiencing this summer, it is forbidden to spend the night in any of the public mountain refuges which form part of the national network, except in the event of inclement weather. The Andorran Cos de Banders (Mountain Rangers) can issue fines for their unlawful occupation. More information, Tel.: (+376) 875 723; email: 

It has 20 places. The Claror Mountain Hut is at an altitude of 2,280 metres, built in stone and with a wooden roof). It was opened in 1981. It has a fireplace and bunks. You can get there by car to Certès and then, through Manyat, following the camí dels Certesos. You can also get there along the river from Entremesaigües, or across the Pic Negre de Claror, from the La Rabassa snowfield. This is a route of approximately 2 - 3 hours and has a climb of 980 – 1,040 metres, depending on the chosen path. The hut is not guarded and is open all year, but it is usually maintained in the summer months (cleaning, firewood, first aid kits...). The hut has a stream of water alongside it and there is a mobile phone signal. The route is easy.

Posizione e contatto


Vall de Claror

(+376) 875 712