Church of Sant Vicenç d’Enclar

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“Due to the restoration of the bell tower, access for public to the church of Sant Vicenç d'Enclar will be temporarily closed”.

The Romanesque church of Sant Vicenç d’Enclar is, along with the Church of Santa Coloma, one of the oldest in the principality. Both are in the parish of Andorra la Vella, in the village of Santa Coloma.

This primitive Church formed part of the fortified visigothic complex of Enclar. Sant Vicenç is rectangular in shape with a square apse. It has a circular bell tower against the southern wall of the nave, crowned with a floor of windows and a second floor of seven small extended arched windows. Its construction most likely took place in the ninth century, as its type is similar to the usual types of Catalan and Languedoc architecture from the 10th and earlier centuries.

It was restored some years ago and returned to its original appearance. It takes a little effort to get there as you can only go on foot, but it is worthwhile.

The excavations and research done in the area have enabled us to establish that the complex of Sant Vicenç d’Enclar basically consisted of one sector where religious life was concentrated, with the church and burials, with a series of small housing units with their services, and finally the wall with the defence tower.